CMM College of Theology Scholarship Campaign

Support the CMM College of Theology Scholarship Campaign and Help Transform Lives!

The CMM College of Theology strives to pioneer transformational theological ministry training with revelatory study in an exciting, experiential online classroom setting.

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you His best gift for you to sow into a transformed life of one or more of our prospective students praying to be able to attend our school in September.

The School of Theology aims to teach fundamental truths of the faith with the revelation that prepares students to disciple the world in Spirit and Truth, reconciling the world back to the Father.

CMM College of Theology is a global school in and of itself. We have expanded to include different languages within their own cultures. Our classes are all online globally.

Visit to learn more and to see our locations, and superb schools, and meet the leaders you will want to know for eternity!